Many people tend to forget just how important the feet are to your health and how your feet may be affected by other medical conditions you may have. Whether you have nail or foot fungus, ulcers, or diabetic neuropathy, your compounding pharmacist can prepare a variety of medications in different formulations unique for you and your needs. Your compounding pharmacist can help you and your feet stay healthy.

Your pharmacist will work closely with your podiatrist or doctor to determine the best treatment for you. Your compounding pharmacist can prepare medications to treat a variety of conditions, which may include nail and/or foot fungus, warts, excessive sweating of the feet with or without odor, heel spurs, ulcers, or calluses. Your compounding pharmacist may also make special preparations for a nail removal procedure as well as customize medication to treat inflammation and pain. Those with diabetes may have complications such as diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is the damage of nerves that can result in tingling or burning, or deep aching pain in the toes and feet. With that being said, your compounding pharmacist can customize medications to help improve circulation for those suffering from diabetic neuropathy.